Grand Canyon National Park - James Mead Photography
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"Light Pollution and the Night Sky" Light Pollution and the Milky Way over Marble Canyon and the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

This image is part of my "Light Pollution and the Night Sky Series," which is meant to bring attention to the problem of light pollution. Some estimates have stated that within 50 years, light pollution from Phoenix, AZ hundreds of miles away may completely wash out the Night Sky over the Grand Canyon. The idea behind this image is simple: capture the transition where the night sky rises out of the light pollution. The goal is to show just how much of a problem light pollution is. In this image, light pollution from nearby Page, AZ is completely washing out the bottom part of the night sky to the east and the Spiral Arm of the Milky Way . It's completely obscuring everything. I'm a big proponent of the dark sky movement, which is meant to raise awareness about light pollution in an effort to help control it. Capturing the transition point where light pollution begins to affect the night sky is a great way to show the effects of light pollution to people. Remember, the ability to see the night sky is a gift

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